Future Plan

Winter 2019:

I am taking CS 282B with Professor Ostrovsky. I am going to present a paper as final, so I will write a series of posts to build required knowledge for that paper. I picked “Yes, There is an Oblivious RAM Lower Bound!” by Kasper Green Larsen and Jesper Buus Nielsen, from CRYPTO 2018. There are about 8 papers in my mind that build up the foundation for this paper, so I will be writting summaries of these papers one by one.


Finished CS 282B with an A. The final presentation was bad, but glad I have made it.

Spring 2019:

I am doing CS 596 (directed study) with Professor Ostrovsky, so I am going to write about my research work on this blog. I will also have an interviews with Google, which will happen in September this year. I designed a 10-week coding interview prep series to record my journey.


For CS 596, I am doing “Ad Hoc Multi-Input Functional Encryption” and “Lower Bounds for Oblivious Near-Neighbor Search“.

Fall 2019:

This is my last quater at UCLA. I am learning Django.

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